Rii2/リツ Works


Collection Name 〜コレクション名〜


■TheMafiaAnimals for polygon


About Collection 〜コレクション概要〜

TMAというマフィアファミリーの幹部の肖像画のコレクティブNFT Artです。

動物×マフィアという世界観で、NFT Artを購入していただいたオーナー様はその肖像画の中の人としてTMAの幹部になっていただくというコレクションを展開しています。

自身の考える世界観をNFT Artを通じて発信して、運営資金を集め、それを使い周知したり、コンテンツを充実させていけいけば価値も上がっていく、そんなポジティブな未来を想像して制作しています。

This is NFT Art, a collective of portraits of executives of a mafia family called TMA. The collection is based on the concept of animals and the mafia, and the owners of NFT Art are invited to become TMA executives as the people in the portraits.

The funds raised from the purchase of this collection will be used as operating funds to expand this collection. I am creating this collection with a positive future in mind: I will be able to send out my worldview through NFT Art, raise funds for its operation, use the funds to publicize it, and increase its value by enhancing its contents.

Commitment 〜こだわり〜

購入者の方々にはNFT Artを買って終わりではなくTMA世界観を楽しむチケットとして購入していただいて、TMA DAO(Discordコミニティー)に入っていただき、コレクション運営の方向性などのご意見を頂きながら、ホルダーの方々と一緒にコレクションを育てていきたいと考えています。ホルダーの皆様にも還元できるようなコレクションを目指しています。


IPとしての知名度ははまだまだですが、Crypto Ninjaのように二次創作をNFTで販売も大歓迎です。

This collection is created with an emphasis on the worldview of the collection as a whole. We would like to develop the collection together with the holders by having them join the TMA DAO (Discord community) and give us their opinions on the direction of the collection management. We would like to grow the collection together with the holders. Our goal is to create a collection that will give something back to its holders.
Of course, secondary sales are welcome!

As for the illustrations, I try to give them a vintage look so that people can imagine the world from the illustrations. Also, although we are a collective, we carefully draw each mafia animal one by one, and try to create expressions and costumes that will help you imagine the characters of each mafia animal.

Although we are not well known as an IP yet, we welcome secondary works like Crypto Ninja to be sold on NFT.

Collection Prospect 〜展望〜

・ガバナンストークンを作って DAO化

This is just a vision of what we would like to do when we have more funds and holders.
Create a governor token and make it DAO.
I’d like to add content that will make the world of the collection more enjoyable for the community.
I would like to make a game out of On-Chain. I want to make a board game.
Develop merchandise.
There’s no end to the things I want to do.

Planned Number Of Mint 〜予定mint数〜


Undecided, we are planning to run this project for a long time, so we have not decided on the number of MINTs at this stage. We plan to make at least 50 of them.

Community 〜コミュニティ〜


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