shirayuki Works


Collection Name 〜コレクション名〜

「Shy Human」

About Collection 〜コレクション概要〜


The main story of the NFT art is about a shy and ordinary man who struggles and makes efforts to change his own personality, and the design concept is the reflection in front of the mirror. The design concept is to depict his reflection in front of the mirror, practicing his facial expressions and changing his feelings as a unique art.

Commitment 〜こだわり


It features colorful and simple lines, making it a collectible piece.

Collection Prospect 〜展望〜


The concept of the collection is not to tell a glittering story of admiration, but to tell a story that could happen in the real world, so that many people can relate to it and feel the importance and beauty of stepping out and taking on a challenge.

Planned Number Of Mint 〜予定mint数〜


We are planning to have 100 sheets.

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